1. Why is Happy Seeds gluten, nut & soy free?

We know how difficult dealing with allergies and sensitivities to gluten, nuts and soy can be. So much thought has to go into everything you buy for your home. Happy Seeds makes it simple for those who need day-to-day products that are free from these allergens and for those looking to make healthier choices for their families.


2. How does Happy Seeds guarantee the product is gluten, soy & nut free?

Happy Seeds is dedicated to formulating and manufacturing to a strict gluten-free standard. Each ingredient that we carefully select, is confirmed free of gluten, soy & nuts, with a written document from the ingredient manufacturer. We use good manufacturing practices to ensure that everything that comes into contact with our products is properly cleaned and sanitized in order to avoid any cross contamination.


3. How are your products different from other “natural” and “free from” products?

 The terms “natural” and “free from” are very heavily and loosely used in today’s personal care industry.  Products may be “free from” certain ingredients such as sulfates but still contain similar petroleum derived cleansers.  We are committed to using as many organic ingredients as possible, all ingredient are vegetable derived and safely processed.  The only petroleum derived ingredient we use is Sodium Benzoate, which is a food grade preservative and approved for use in organic products by Ecocert and NSF.

4. Isn’t gluten intolerance or sensitivity a food issue?

No. Many people with gluten-sensitivity and celiac experience hives, rashes, dermatitis, eczema and other skin irritation after using a product that contains gluten or wheat derived ingredients. Gluten free personal care products are especially important for our little ones who put their hands and fingers in their mouths and rub their face and eyes.


5. If I do not have issues with gluten, soy or nuts, why should I use Happy Seeds?

While Happy Seeds is gluten, soy and nut free the product is also free of other potential allergens such as synthetic fragrance and dyes. Our product is scented with natural aromatic extracts and we are committed to using vegetable derived, naturally and safely processed cleansers, emollients and conditioners. We, also do not use parabens or formaldehyde based preservatives and if any color is used it is plant based.


6. Do you test on animals or do your products contain animal derived ingredients?

Absolutely not! Happy Seeds is a designated Leaping Bunny cruelty-free company. We will never test our products on any furry friends. Additionally, all of the ingredients we use come from approved cruelty free companies.


7. If Happy Seeds does not use fragrances, how do you get it to smell so good?

The fresh scent in our Watermelon Foaming Hand Soap comes from a blend of fruit extracts. We wanted our product to smell clean and fresh, not overly sweet or too strong so the whole family will love using it.


8. Are your products safe for pregnant or nursing woman to use?

Yes. Our product is free from gluten, soy, nuts, parabens, sulfates, synthetic dyes and fragrances are a great choice for a healthy lifestyle. We recommend that any expectant or nursing woman check with her physician before changing her skin care routine.


9. Why does Happy Seeds donate to TACA?

Our commitment to positively impacting our community does not stop at making conscious products for day-to-day life. We want to make a larger difference for those who need the support. The desire to partner with the right non-profit represents one part of our dedication to being a Responsible Business. We feel TACA is the perfect fit because their mission is to directly support, educate and empower children and families living with autism. To learn more about TACA, visit them at www.tacanow.org.


10. Where can I learn more about gluten intolerance?

There are numerous resources available for those looking to learn more about this growing issue. We have listed a few for you below. You may want to do your own Internet search and check out the many bloggers that are dedicated to living gluten-free. If you are unable to find the information you need, send us an email. We will always do what we can to help.